Clark's Bullets by Scarlett began casting bullets in South Carolina in late February under the guidance of Randy Clark, aka River Rat Randy, founder of Clark's Bullets.  Scarlett & Tommy never dreamed they would be in the bullet business however, when the opportunity presented itself, they went all in!  Randy spent many days teaching Scarlett how to make bullets and how the machines work and finally "cut her loose" in early April.  Randy not only continues to be a priceless resource to both Scarlett and Tommy but also a wonderful friend and special customer!


$6.95 - Small Flat Rate Box:

Up to 1,000 (2 boxes) of the following bullets 78 gr. .32 through 125 gr. .38.    500 (1 box) of all other sizes.

$16.95 - Medium Flat Rate Box:

FOUR boxes of  bullets 78 gr. .32 through 125 gr. .38. (9lbs ea)

THREE boxes of 158 gr. & 160 gr.(11.5 lbs ea)

TWO boxes of 200 & 230 gr. (14.5 & 16.5 lbs ea)

* The maximum weight in one medium flat rate box is 35 - 40 pounds.  You can mix/match.  IF you have questions, please call or email us.  We want to charge the minimal amount of shipping possible so that you have more bullet money! :)

Scarlett Darlin' & Tommy Gun Tipton

Scarlett Darlin' & River Rat Randy

Cowboy Owned

Made in South Carolina

We deal in LEAD, friend!