Clark's Bullets by Scarlett began casting bullets in South Carolina in late February under the guidance of Randy Clark, aka River Rat Randy, founder of Clark's Bullets.  Scarlett & Tommy never dreamed they would be in the bullet business however, when the opportunity presented itself, they went all in!  Randy spent many days teaching Scarlett how to make bullets and how the machines work and finally "cut her loose" in early April.  Randy not only continues to be a priceless resource to both Scarlett and Tommy but also a wonderful friend and special customer!

We deal in LEAD, friend!

Effective Immediately!!  Shipping costs are $16.95 and include insurance!  Please know that this is ACTUAL shipping cost and insurance.  The USPS has raised the cost of Flat Rate and removed the business discount for online mailing.  The USPS claims they can ship up to 70lbs in a box but those boxes do NOT make it to their destination intact!  Clark's Bullets by Scarlett will ship UP TO 40lbs in one box, fully insured, for  $16.95.  We hate that it has to be this way, however, we cannot depend on the USPS to deliver our packages (even 45 lbs) intact and on time.  Some have been MIA for months.

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